Kenya & Tanzania 2010


We returned to East Africa during the calving season of the Great Migration (our first calving season was in 2007 and we witnessed crossings of the Mara River in 2008) and spent a few nights in Kenya before focusing the rest of our safari in Ndutu (Serengeti) and Loliondo (Ngorongoro Conservation Area).

Our intention was to witness the spectacle of mass births as well as hyper-activity from predators feasting on the abundance.  More than this, we were reminded of the balance of nature.  We saw Wildebeest that were newly born as well as falling prey, Leopards killing as well as attempting to sire their next generation.  Water both giving life as well as where it had taken it away.  Add in the incredible abundance of bird life and very active Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs and this may have been our most well-rounded safari to date...  More details are posted in this article in our News section.


Nature’s Balance

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